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CarMax sees longer return policy as its next trend

The nation's largest used-vehicle retailer sees its new return policy as an added layer of comfort for the increasing number of big-ticket shoppers online.

Hot topics at virtual CES: AVs, air taxis and drones

The tech expo came without many of the bells and whistles that typically make it overwhelming and great. Still, the all-digital show featured discussions on electrification, automated vehicles, the opportunities of air mobility and more. Here are highlights.

Coming to the U.S.: Mazda EV with rotary backup

Mazda has given the greenlight to sell the subcompact MX-30 crossover in the U.S. sometime in the future as both an EV and a hybrid with a rotary engine.

A show we love to hate ... but hate to miss

The crowds and chaos that usually surround CES are distant memories this year as the event goes virtual.

Stronger bottom lines despite 2020 sales dive

Fewer customers usually means soaring incentives and plunging profits. Not in 2020, amid the biggest one-year decline in U.S. light-vehicle sales since the Great Recession.