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The hood scoop will fade away in the EV era

As designers and engineers work to make EVs more energy efficient by improving aerodynamics, the scoop is no longer needed.

Dealers eager to see EV plan revive Chrysler

The brand's goal of eliminating internal combustion engines by 2028 presents a series of challenges, including finding the right product mix and achieving enough volume to make the investment worthwhile.

Worker fired for using Camaro to play cop

Fernando Torres was supposed to be transporting the Chevrolet Camaro, which a local police department had taken to Duval Ford in Jacksonville to have police lights installed.

Ford gives inside look at train station progress

Engineers in Ford's additive manufacturing unit used 3D printers to replace hundreds of cast iron rosettes that had been ripped out by scrappers over the decades.

OBITUARY: Laurel Cutler

The trailblazing advertising executive who later became a vice president at Chrysler, died Nov. 28 at 94.

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