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How Honda's new wind tunnel makes an IndyCar difference

Honda will use its new $124 million wind tunnel in Ohio to test and tweak race cars, including those that run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Valeo says next-gen lidar can enable Level 4

Valeo is developing a third generation of its lidar for debut in 2024 that promises a twelvefold increase in resolution, a tripling of range and a much wider viewing angle.

Rip-roaring Toyota pauses to worry about costs

Toyota smashed earnings records across the board in the latest fiscal year, but now it's tapping the brakes as market uncertainty and inflation cast new shadows.

EV truck makers prepare for big business ahead

Demand for zero-emission trucks is growing, but charging times, range anxiety, insufficient infrastructure and high costs stand in the way of fast adoption.

Shift puts 2022 focus on improving its liquidity

The online used-vehicle retailer said in a quarterly regulatory filing that "substantial doubt" exists about whether it can continue as a going concern.

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