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Edsel's Edsel heading to highest bidder

Barrett-Jackson is auctioning off two vehicles this month from the personal collection of Edsel Ford II, including a 1958 version of the car named after his grandfather.

Fisker's next wave: A premium people's car

Henrik Fisker is aiming to build a high-volume, affordable premium electric car sold globally.

Step one: Find weak links in U.S. supply chains

President Joe Biden's directive to identify risks in the nation's critical lines is part of an effort to boost domestic manufacturing and address the global semiconductor chip shortage.

Dealer profits surge 48% to record in a ‘unique' 2020

The 2020 figure blew by the industry's previous profit record for the average store, recorded in 2015.

New-school solution for recruiting auto techs

While other dealerships struggle to find technicians, Magic Toyota in Edmonds, Wash., is training its own techs in-house, hiring a full-time professor to lead staff development efforts.