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Wringing profit from water-based EV-battery recycling

Argonne National Lab, a DOE Research Center, is floating an idea for lower-cost recovery of cobalt, copper, nickel and other costly metals from spent batteries.

Japan gets its head into the EV game — cautiously

To crack the code of building low-cost electric vehicles, Japan's automakers intend to leverage their skills at tried-and-true lean manufacturing and kaizen.

Can automakers that lost U.S. share in chip crisis win it back?

Are Toyota and Hyundai-Kia, with their high customer retention rates, likely to return the market share they gained during the chip shortage?

Mercedes will bring EQC crossover to the U.S. after all

The next-generation Mercedes EQC electric compact crossover, once nixed as a U.S. product, and a battery-powered C-Class sedan will arrive by mid-decade.

Can a hard crystal improve range of EVs?

Canada's GaN Systems is pitching its power-efficient transistors to help automakers extend battery range.

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